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Non-contact infrared thermometer
Contact thermometer
Thickness Gauge
Ultrasonic Thickness
Coating Thickness Gauge
Laser Level
Sound Level Meter
Tachometer (instrument)
Shore Hardness
Metal Hardness Tester
Force Gauge
E said
Product moisture meter
Ph Meter / pH meter
Light Meter
Gloss meter
U.S. Pantone PANTONE Color Card
Gas detector
Formaldehyde detector
Surface static tester
Sampling Knife
Pencil hardness
Tensile testing equipment / materials testing equi
Wear test equipment
Glucose meter
Salinity meter
A standard light source color of light boxes
Hand needle
Color fastness tester
Whiteness meter
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  Desktop whiteness meter  
  Desktop wh...  
  Color fastness tester  
  Color fast...  
  Standard light source for color light box - seven light source  
  Standard l...  
  Non-metallic materials, moisture sensing instrument  
  Precision colorimeter  
  Precision ...  
  Tensile testing equipment / materials testing equipment  
  Tensile te...  

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Huarui Hampshire Group is a high-tech enterprise, founded in 2002. Group subsidiaries cover: Dongguan Huarui Hampshire testing instruments Co., Ltd., China Shu-Optical Instrument Co., Ltd..

   Huarui Hampshire Group, design development and production of sales. The company mainly produces: MEASURING TOOLS series, ultrasonic testing instrument series, the temperature control equipment series, the sound and air measurements, wind speed measurement series, the optical detection instrumentation series as well as other intelligent digital series of precision instruments and other products. The company's production scale has reached an annual output of 1 million units, more than 50% products are exported to Asia and Europe more than 30 countries and regions, production accounts for more than 45% domestic market share, production, export volume and sales volume for 5 an average annual rate of more than 20% growth in the various indexes rank first among the forefront of the domestic industry.

   Since its founding, the day of the Group of the spirit of "seeking truth, integrity, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy, adhere to the "Customer First Quality First" purpose. "Precise, stable, high-quality product quality. Dedicated service to the dealers at home and abroad and the general product users at all levels, based on the rapid development of business
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Precision gloss meter
Desktop whiteness meter
Pocket noise meter
Digital Caliper
Color fastness tester
Precision type long probe moisture tester
The cross-cut knife
Hand needle
Thickness gauge
Standard light source for color light box - seven light source
Standard light source for color light box - five light source
Standard light source for color light box - four light source
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