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Hand needle
To accurately locate the needle or a ferromagnetic metal indeed but avoid metal
Hand needle
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Brief introduction:

Portable type needle detector, needle detector check, inspection of ferromagnetic instrument . This instrument is a portable type needle detector, with sound and light alarm function characteristics.

Using the magnetic field theory, can effectively and accurately detect the broken needle, the specific location of iron goods. The thin and small items of detection and its application. And is applicable to large needle detector device after detection, the hand-held type needle detector can help you find small range accurate needle or a ferromagnetic metal indeed but avoid metal impurity position to consumers or mechanical damage, improve the quality of enterprise products.

Technical index:

Electric power source:6F22-9V


Volume:135mm ( long )× 65mm ( W)× 35mm ( high )

Detection sensitivity: close examination can detect 0.8MM ball diameter ball up to 10mm;1.2mm height.

The diameter of 0.7× 20needle break up to 50mm height.

Range of application:

In 1, the knitting, clothing, socks, clothing, leather, shoes, handbags and other products are thin, small pieces of broken needle detection, can rapidly and accurately find the broken iron needle breakage, wear to ensure personal safety.

In 2, can be used for metal buttons and other clothing accessories iron magnetic impurity.

In 3, the medicine, food, chemical raw materials such as iron magnetic material detection.

In 4, the wood, wall, table internal nails, steel pipe, the existence of the examination.

5, the human body, animals such as injury, stab wounds, barotrauma and other parts for inspection, checking their internal is infiltrated the harmful iron complexes.

6, can also be used for border off post examination, civil servants were seized on the hidden weapon quickly search.

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