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 A standard light source color of light boxes >> Standard light source for color light box - four light source
Standard light source for color light box - four light source
Widely used in textile, toys, printing and dyeing, plastic, paint, ink, printing
A standard light source color of light boxes
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Standard light source for color light box - four light source

Size mm ( L x W x H):710x 420x 570

Weight: 28KG

Standard light source for color light box parameters:

Type light source name configuration power color temperature

The four light source D65 international standard artificial daylight2 18W6500K

TL84 Europe, Japan commercial source,2 18W4000K

Voltage 220V /110V UV ultraviolet light source - - - - - - -118W

F Huang Guangyuan, colorimetric reference light source of 4 40W2700K

Optional accessories: a variety of other customers to specify the source, the diffusion plate,45 degrees standard stand

Application: used in textile, printing and dyeing industries material color fastness, color proofing, visual assessment of differential color and fluorescent material, make sample, production, quality inspection, acceptance at the same standard light source, accurate color proofing for the deviation, guarantee the color quality to meet the requirements. In order to improve product quality and market competitiveness.

Scope of application: widely used in textile, toys, printing and dyeing, plastic, paint, ink, printing, pigment, chemical, ceramics, footwear, leather, metal, food, cosmetics and other lines industry areas of color management.

Characteristic / advantages / standard:

with the industry's only real source of colored light boxes standard Chinese patents of manufacturers

with the industry's only using VDE, CCC, CE, the Great Wall and other certified industrial electronic rectifier factory

industry only a has infinite memory life of American top Ramtron memory manufacturers

industry only a light power can automatically save all the recorded content of the manufacturers

In the same industry is the only one of all imported chip components manufacturers, the most stable performance

with the industry's only perform long warranty factory

full computer control touch button will switch the light source, key way for the world's first

separate the permanent records each source name, the use of time and the number of switches

In strict compliance with the visual color and inner frame gray international environmental standards

In Britain, the United States Macbeth of Verivide configuration, OSRAM, SYLVANIA, GE, PHILIPS and other international standard light source

have test metameric effect function

In the implementation of international standards: ISO ASTM DIN BSI ANSI CIE

Through the national metrology testing report of authoritative test report

Chinese industry standard drafting of elaborate preparation unit

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