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 Product moisture meter >> Non-metallic materials, moisture sensing instrument
Non-metallic materials, moisture sensing instrument
Applies to: all non-metallic materials, product moisture determination.
Product moisture meter
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● KTMDTRKT - 50 Moisture meter, through a simple contact, quick to measure the proportion of 300-1000kg / ㎡ moisture content between the various materials and does not damage the material being detected.
● advanced electromagnetic sensing technology can penetrate the depth of the tested materials, 50mm, to produce a three-dimensional magnetic field measurements. So it is highly accurate measuring instrument wet.
● Instrument start automatically shut down after 40 seconds, effectively save energy, protect equipment longer use.
● apparatus equipped with low-voltage revealed that when the display shows LOBAT the upper left corner, the time to remind users to replace the power supply.
● As the moisture meter penetration depth of 50mm, so when measuring the thickness of less than 50mm, to measure material floating measurements.
● If the instrument boot in less than zero, please remove the battery cover to open battery inside the battery box has 10 notes of, clockwise adjustment.
● If there is a material at different adjacent two stalls there, take two tranches were measured in the adjacent figure sum in the section device, a time when less than zero, counter-clockwise adjustment; anti received divided by the number 2 is the the humidity of the species.
1. Specifications
One. Measuring range 2 ~ 90%
2. Display: LCD liquid crystal display
3. Density adjustment: 300 ~ 1000 kg / ㎡ (1-5 files)
4. Scanning Depth: 0 ~ 50mm
5. Accuracy: ± 0.5%
6. Size, weight: 120 × 60 × 26 mm, 150g
Stalls Density (g / C ㎡)
1 ρ ≤ 0.4
2 0.4 <ρ <0.6
3 0.6 ≤ ρ <0.7
4 0.7 ≤ ρ <0.8
5 0.8 ≤ ρ

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