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 Colorimeter >> Precision colorimeter
Precision colorimeter
Apply to plastic, painting, design, printing, clothing, printing and dyeing indu
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Product overview

HP-350color meter is in accordance with international standards, such as CIE1931,1976JJG595-2002 national standard R & D and production of the new type portable color meter. The apparatus of the main components used in Japan and Germany, with a stable, durable, economic and other characteristics.

Apparatus is mainly applied to the plastic, painting, design, printing, clothing, printing and dyeing industry. Can be color analysis and color quality control

Product features:

Portable human structure, more convenient operation

The instrument adopts the new long life LED light source, without the need for regular

Replacement of the light source and trouble.

The ergonomic design, host weighs only 330g, improve

Long time measuring efficiency.

The design of a portable upright, narrow space operations can cope.

The Chinese display, menu interface

Of all Chinese operation interface display, the general staff can easily operation.

The menu interface, color difference data automatic identification, professional data more understandable.

The2.4 inch big screen color LCD display, view the data more easily.

45 /0geometrical structures, high precision sensor, measuring more stability

Apparatus using a novel optical structure, with high precision.

Sensor, so that the test data is more stable, ensure that your data

Output precision.

The utility function of rich information

Large color LCD screen can show a different light source and a measurement mode color data, color, color space, color determination of Library and other information.

Performance index:

Lighting / light-receiving system 45/ 0

Measuring aperture diameter white8mm

Display mode L * a * b *, L * C * H * E * AB, Yxy,, ( L * a * b * ), ( L * C * H * ), Yxy

The storage function can store50 groups of standard values, each value stored under standard group 30color data

Observation of D65, C light source light source

Standard of10 degrees,2 degrees field of view

Repeatability standard deviation E *:0.1

( measurement conditions: using standard whiteboard was measured 30 times the average)

Measuring pitch of about 2seconds.

Electric source4five number batteries or AC adapter

Operating temperature range -0 to40 degrees C (32 to104 degrees Fahrenheit); below 85% relative humidity

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 110x 60 x190mm

330g weight ( without battery)

Standard parts of soft leather, protective cover, wristband, AC adapter, USB data lines, instrument case

Optional accessories, a miniature printer

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